J Polisher


The “J” series Crippen Polisher is unmatched in the world in its acceptance for effectively polishing edible beans and soybeans where a high degree of polish is desired.

Not only is the “J” inexpensive to operate, it also provides gentle polishing action which does not crack or split the product.

A combination of polishing medium and separation screens allow¬†the “J” to provide terrific repeatable polishing for even the toughest polishing challenges.

The “J” is available in several sizes with capacities from 75 to 500 BPH on edible beans. It is the recognized leader for polishing beans in the United States.

If you are processing beans, you either own or need a “J.”

J-254-4BX J-254-5-Box-Polisher-W Polishers-J-254-5-Box-W

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