About Us


Crippen Northland Superior has 75 years of experience of supplying the right piece or pieces of equipment to suit your needs. We have sold, installed and repaired thousands of pieces of grain and seed cleaning equipment for the largest grain companies in North America as well as the smallest seed producers in North America. From big to small, we do it all!

Crippen Northland Superior has an office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Manufacturing is done at the Crippen Manufacturing Company, located in St. Louis, Michigan. The Crippen Manufacturing Company has a 40,000-square-foot fabrication and assembly facility. This facility has CNC plasma cutting equipment, forming and fabrication capability, assembly and painting capability. Overhead cranes service the entire shop.


Here at Crippen Northland Superior, we make it simple to put together your own processing facility for cleaning everything from beans to grain. Not only do we offer legendary Crippen equipment, our experienced team can design the site, manage the project, install and commission the equipment, train your operators and finally, provide service after your facility  is operational.

Our mission statement:
“Our technical solutions must be the means by which our valued customers realize their grain processing financial opportunities.”

Crippen Northland Superior is committed to providing solutions to our customers in every customer contact, whether the customer need at the time is for an overall system, a specific piece of equipment, an answer to a question or a replacement part.



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