For certified seed cleaning, custom cleaning, market cleaning. Capacities of 100 to 500 Bu/hr!


Compact Design

Take advantage of our small floor space requirements. You get amazing capacities in these designs.

Ball Tray Screen Cleaning System

Patented ball tray screen cleaning system that allows screen removal without the removal of ball trays. Unique ball tray design features inter-crimped wire retainer that does not have ledges for product clean-up.

Adjustable Speed Screen Shake

Because we feel strongly about the ability to control product flow and screen residence time, adjustable screen shake is a standard feature on every machine.  All Century models come equipped with electronic adjustable speed screen shake.

Feed Hopper

Proven, over-the-roll feed hopper prevents mechanical damage by eliminating pinch points.  This exclusive, staggered feedroll provides a uniform flow rate into the air system without pulsating, even in the toughest applications.

All Spouts 100% Self Cleaning

Rugged, Clean, All-Steel Frame


MODEL No.  Screens No. Fans Ave Capacity BPH
GX 360-5 3 2 150-400
GX 372 3 2 200-500

*Capacities indicate the approximate general cleaning capacity based on wheat. Capacities will vary depending on impurities to be removed and desired quality of finished product


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