Spherical Separators



Crippen’s Tru-Sphere Belt Separator provides a unique separation according to the shape of the product.

Spherical shaped particles are separated from non-spherical particles with the use of special pitched conveying belts. The Tru-Sphere provides uniform feed to each belt with an adjustable vibratory feed system. Spherical shaped particles roll towards the lower end of the conveying belt where strategically located discharge spouts with cutting fingers adjust the amount of product being directed to the discharge area. The irregular shaped particles travel beyond the discharge area to the rail side and are carried to a separate discharge.

Particles with flat edges (splits, stones, mud balls, etc.), upon introduction to the belt, will lie down and travel to the end of the belt into a separate discharge.

A typical separation would be for edible soybeans for markets where a uniform shaped product is preferred.


Crippen’s Tru-Sphere Belt Separator has also proven itself as a reclaim machine. Normally good product is lost to a reject flow in the use of spiral separators to achieve proper separation standards. Through the use of the Crippen Tru-Sphere Belt Separator, our customers have seen as high as 80% return of good product from this rejected or lost product flow.

This high-value reclaimed flow allows many processors to turn their Tru-Sphere investment back into hard cash within a relatively short period of operation.


  • Multiple 48″ wide and 49″ long sorting belts with integral curvature to increase the separation efficiency
  • Laddered good product discharge for gentle handling of product
  • Individual right-angle direct gearbox drives with 1/2 HP 3/60/230-460V TEFC motors for independent belt drives
  • Individual 1/2 HP AC variable speed controllers to adjust speed of all sorting belts (3/60/230-460V specification)
  • Electric gear motors to adjust slope & tilt settings
  • Control panel with individual ON/OFF switches for sorting belts, all belts, feed and rheostat to control belt speed and feed speed
  • Operator’s station can be mounted near the top platform for viewing of top belt during adjustments
  • Digital readout display for both tilt & slope angles
  • Adjustable belt take-up system at tail pulleys
  • Individual feeders (air-lock type) for each individual belt with a common hopper
  • “Continuous” belts to provide seamless operation
  • Common “good product” discharge spouting package
  • Common “reject” product discharge chute
  • Stairway to allow access for adjustment
  • Capacity ratings based on soybeans


Model Belts Capacity BPH MTH Motor HP
TS – 4 Four-Belt Unit 70 – 100 1.9 – 2.7 4 – 1/2
TS – 8 Eight-Belt Unit 130 – 200 3.5 – 5.4 8 – 1/2
TS – 12 12-Belt Unit 200 – 300 5.4 – 8.2 12 – 1/2


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