EP Polisher

Designed for the milling and grain processing industries to cope with the specifications on purity and quality of grain.

These machines scrub and dry-scour the grain to remove hulls, crease dirt, “beeswings,” insect fragments, extraneous material, weathered appearance and the hulls of buckwheat, cockle, etc.

A revolving brush, expandable for desired pressure and for wear, carries the whole grain around the inner surface of a special wear-resisting rubber cylinder or heavy mesh screen.  This gives the grain a controlled positive rubbing and scouring action.  The material removed by this action is separated from the product by aspiration built into the machine.  Exhaust air can be piped to a separate collector or connected to a central air system.  A roll-feed hopper, equipped with shut-off clutch, provides constant, uniform flow to the brush unit.

The resulting grain, if sound, is left intact and consequentially does not decrease the total yield of the finished product.

The Crippen Polisher can be located at any of the following places in the processing flow:

  • After the milling separator to keep objectionable fractions out of the sizing, tempering and conditioning flow
  • After tempering bins
  • Ahead of the first break

The machine is of all-steel construction and designed to eliminate places for accumulation of dust and insects.  All shafts turn in precision ball bearing and are driven with v-belts, or with roller chain.

Optional Extras:

  • Fan outlet adapter so 12″ round piping can be easily attached
  • V-belts and sheaves for main drive
  • Motors quoted on application

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